UPDATE 2018: The film will be released later this year!

SPRING-SUMMER 2016:  Director Lin Oeding, Editor Rob Bonz (FURY), and the "Braven" producing team are diligently working to complete the last facets of post-production. The


Office Uprising

WINTER 2016-2017: Lin is currently in pre-production on his second feature, "Office Uprising".   The action-comedy which stars Brenton Thwaites (Pirates of the Caribbean 5), Jane Levy (Don't Breathe, Suburgatory), Karan Soni (Deadpool), and Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars), has been described as "Zombieland" meets "The Raid". The film is being produced by Giulia Prenna, Jim Steele, Sean Lydiard and Will Clevinger.  Principle photography begins on 11/29 in Birmingham, Alabama. The film is being produced by Giulia Prenna, Jim Steele, Sean Lydiard.  Principle photography will begin on 11/29 in Birmingham, Alabama.

  "Office Uprising" Trade Release:

UPDATE:  Post-production on "Office Uprising will complete in August/September 2017.  The film is scheduled to release end of 2017 or early 2018.


Blood Drive

FALL 2016: Lin has been hired to direct two episodes of the new Mad-Max inspired tv-series "Blood Drive" for Universal. Principle photography will take place this Fall in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Chicago PD

SPRING 2016: Lin recently directed another episode of the NBC crime-drama, "CHICAGO PD".  Lin's episode, “She's Got Us” (#3.22), will air on May 18th, 2016.  If you missed it, catch Lin's episodes (#3.06 & #3.22) on iTunes!  ...and tune in this next season (#4) for more great episodes of "CHICAGO PD"!